Last updated: 2021.9.11

D: Doctoral course
M: Master course
B: Bachelor course
K: High school
Eng: Engineering school

Principal Investigator

Josephine GALIPON, Project Research Associate – ガリポン・ジョゼフィーヌ 特任助教

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Graduate students

D2. Lan Anh NGUYEN – グュエン・ラン アン

D1. Shine-Undarga DAGVA – ダグワ・シン ウンダルガ

M2. Kohei NISHIMURA – 西村 光平 →2021.10博士課程進学予定

M2. Rita CHUANG – 莊 郁羣 →2021.10博士課程進学予定


Undergraduate students

B4. Sota ITO, B4 – 伊藤 颯汰

B4. Jianmin LIU, B4 – 刘 健敏

B3. Mizuki IGARASHI – 五十嵐 水月

・Award: 2019年度秋学期(学内)奨励賞「深海好塩菌Halomonas titanicaeによるフタル酸塩分解」

B3. Lala ITO, B3 – 伊藤 らら

・Award: 2020年度秋学期(学内)奨励賞「Design of a universal positive control for the benchmarking of open-source qPCR devices in COVID-19 testing」
・Award: 2020年第50回リバネス研究費 incu・be賞「筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS)のモデル作成を目指した超反復配列RNAの無細胞合成システムの開発」

B2. Yuki SAKURAI – 櫻井 優生

Visiting Scholars

All interns work remotely due to COVID-19

B3. Marvin J. E. CAVA (2021.7 – 2021.12)

University of the Philippines Manila


We are happy to consider applications from internship students, visiting professors, and postdoctoral researchers. All visiting scholars are expected to secure their own funding.



Our institute has two programs for students from neighboring high schools to undertake world-class research at our facilities. Junior Researchers are expected to choose their own research topic, while Junior Technicians help out with existing projects and daily laboratory tasks. To protect their privacy, we are unable to publicly disclose their identity.






Junior Researchers (特別研究生)

K3, S. S. – Degradation of PET plastics by marine bacteria

・2020年 第10回高校生バイオサミットin鶴岡(計画部門)優秀賞「プラスチックを効率良く分解する海洋微生物の探索」
・2021年 第11回高校生バイオサミットin鶴岡(成果部門)経済産業大臣賞「プラスチックを効率良く分解する海洋微生物の探索」→more info here


K1, R. I. – Regeneration in axolotls


Junior Technicians (研究助手)

K2. H. S. – Molecular biology assistant

・2020年12月13日 高分子未来塾ユースacademiaゼミ  口頭発表

K2. A. I. – Molecular biology assistant

K1. Y. F. – Animal care assistant (amphibians)

K1, K. K. – Animal care assistant (sharks)


(Co-)supervised Graduation Theses


・2021.3 // Minoru NAKAI (中井 瑞), Keio University, «RNA シャペロン Hfq の機能解析に向けた異種発現の条件検討» #Japanese (officially: Dr. Yasuhiro NAITO)
・2020.3 // Yuji YASUDA (安田 侑史), Keio University, «鮫の皮膚形状における流体力学的有意性の検証/急激な糖分濃度の低下によるストレス応答時における酵母のダイレクト RNA シーケンシング» #Japanese (officially: Dr. Masaru TOMITA)
 “SFC Student Award” + “Outstanding Graduation Project”
・2019.3 // Mariko USUI (碓井 麻里子), Keio University, «On-site soil RNA extraction method for environmental metatranscriptomics ~ Soil studies in the Mongolian Gobi Desert and Tsuruoka City, Yamagata, Japan ~» #Japanese (officially: Dr. Masaru TOMITA)
・2017.3 // Sayaka NIIYA (新谷 彩夏), Keio University, «Effect of thermoreversible hydrogels on the viability of human primary cells» #English (officially: Dr. Masaru TOMITA)


・2021.9 // Kohei NISHIMURA (西村 光平), «To Be Announced» #Japanese (officially: Dr. Hiroki KURODA)
・2021.9 // Rita CHUANG (莊 郁羣), «To Be Announced» #English (officially: Dr. Masaru TOMITA)
・2017.6 // Axel CHAUVIN, École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest (France), «Machine learning approach for 3D reconstruction from misaligned 2D slices» #English (officially: Dr. Josephine GALIPON)

Ph. D.

・2016.4 // Elodie LEBREDONCHEL, University of Lille (France), Ph. D. in Pharmacology, «Diagnostic moléculaire du carcinome hépatocellulaire sur ADN circulant» #French (officially: Dr. Josephine GALIPON)
 “Best Thesis Award”


Former members

・Clément GREGOIRE (University of Paris, France), Internship 2021.4 – 2021.8
・Minoru NAKAI (中井 瑞), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2018.4-2021.7 
・Yuji YASUDA (安田 侑史), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2016.7-2020.3
・Erdenetsetseg BATDELGER (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia), Internship 2019.8-10
・Allan DEVILLERS (ESEO, France) Internship 2019.7-11
・Gabriel POUPART-LAFARGE (ESEO, France), Internship 2019.7-11
・Marta CANO GUERRERO (University of York, UK), Summer Internship 2017, 2018, 2019
・Arisa TSURUOKA (鶴岡 亜里沙), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2018.10-2019.6
・Mariko USUI (碓井 麻里子), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2017.4-2019.3
・Lan Anh NGUYEN (Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, France), Internship 2018.4-8
・Karim RAQBI (ENS Cachan, France), Internship 2018.2-8
・Tomoro WARASHINA (藁科 友朗), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2017.4-2018.3
・Ayano SAKAI (酒井彩乃), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2017.4-2018.3
・Yuta IGARASHI (五十嵐祐太), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2017.4-2018.3
・Abhinand CHANDRAN SHEELA, Ph. D. (Keio University, Japan), Project Researcher 2017.7-2018.3
・Abhinand CHANDRAN SHEELA, Ph. D. (University of Kerala, India), Internship 2017.4-6
・Axel CHAUVIN (ENIB, France), Internship 2017.?-?
・Andreea Boştean (University College London, UK), Internship 2017.8
・Lysandre DEBUT (ESEO, France), Internship 2017.?-?
・Markus DE RUIJTER (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Internship 2016.7-12
・Sayaka NIIYA (新谷 彩夏), (Keio University, Japan), Student 2016.9-2017.3
・Boutaina DAHER (University of Bordeaux, France), Internship 2016.4-6