While continuing to address fundamental molecular & cellular biology themes with a focus on RNA biology, our team is developing novel applications of RNA to diverse fields (material science, environmental science). We are also working on methods for 3D microscopy imaging and data processing for 3D printing, with applications in biomimetics, experimental fluid mechanics, and science outreach.

Project list

1. RNA hydrogels made of self-assembling oligomers
2. eRNA: on-site metatranscriptomics using portable equipment
3. Large-scale analysis of RNA-binding proteins
4. Regulation of translation in response to sudden calorie restriction
5. Single-cell 3D mapping from microtome serial sections
6. Design and manufacturing of biomimetic structures

Ongoing collaborations

Queen’s University, Canada (Dr. Rival)
National University of Mongolia, Mongolia (Dr. Boldgiv)
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (Dr. Hayashi)
Yamagata University, Japan (Dr. Furukawa)
Gunma University, Japan (Dr. Tajika)

Current funding & support

Prizes, nominations, etc.

・2019 異能vation「破壊的な挑戦部門」一次選考通過者 / Link (one of 32 finalists among 1,301 applications)
・2017 Ultimaker Education Challenge / Link
・2017 NVIDIA GPU Grant Program / Link

Past funding

2017 Academist.jp / Link
2016 Nestlé Nutrition Council Japan / Link