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By plane (1–2 hours):

  • Haneda Airport, Tokyo –(All Nippon Airways 1h)–> Shonai Airport –(bus 30min)–> Science Park –> 1 min. walk
  • Jetstar may open a regular flight connecting Narita Airpot (Tokyo) and Shonai Airport [see here (in Japanese)]

By train (4 hours):

  • Tokyo Station –(JR Shinkansen)–> Niigata Station –(JR Inaho Express)–> Tsuruoka Station –> 15 min. walk

By train+bus (5–6 hours):

  • Tokyo Station –(JR Shinkansen)–> Sendai Station –(bus 3h)–> Tsuruoka Station –> 15 min. walk
  • Tokyo Station –(JR Shinkansen)–> Yamagata Station –(bus 2h)–> Tsuruoka Station –> 15 min. walk

By night bus (7–8 hours):

  • Several buses are available from major stations in Tokyo; after selecting Yamagata Prefecture as the destination, make sure to pick a bus going to “Tsuruoka/Sakata” and not just “Yamagata”. More information available [here]